The 20th century
The “New State” – Affirmation

An affirmation of the “New State” in the political and economic plans also corresponds with an urban aspect, an expression that can be seen in countless plans of the country’s main cities and towns as result of the guidance and proceedings established by Duarte Pacheco. The Ante-Urbanization Plan of Leiria in 1948 reflected the common practise of these studies. Between 1947 and 1962, architect Lima Franco presents several alternatives for the city. Only a few of these proposals are still visible today in the urban fabric, such as the Bairro da Restauração, Av. N. Sr.ª de Fátima, Av. Heróis de Angola, the final layout of Rua Duarte Pacheco or the corner building of Rua de Alcobaça with Travessa dos Poços.